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On 20 Aug 2014, at 15:25, Ben Switzer <ben.switzer at gmail.com<mailto:ben.switzer at gmail.com>> wrote:
I agree with Bindu that what Axel has outlined is no small amount of work, but I'm willing to assist in this effort.  I share Axel's view that this work would provide significant value to the community.

You might find that you can push some of that testing / validation effort on to the add-on developer.

Internally we've put a lot of effort recently into setting up a test framework and making sure all Aikau UI widgets and services are tested with JS Unit tests as well as automating our QA process via the qa-share and share-po projects. These tests are all open source and are growing in number all the time (we've got a dedicated QA team writing them); they should enable you to verify that an add-on doesn't have unexpected consequences elsewhere in the product (coverage allowing).

If the add-on came with a set of automated tests, you'd be able to verify it was working, check for conflicts with other add-ons and quickly check it still worked following an Alfresco upgrade; The approval process would be a code review. To start with you may need to encourage and assist add-on developers with the automated tests (best-practices, examples, etc.), but after the Honeycomb edition gains traction and developers want their add-on included, they'll be keener. It'll improve the quality of the add-ons and will make the process more scalable.

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