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Hi Heiko,

Thanks for your feedback. I think we are quite aligned in the general
concepts, such us being an independent organization, and still trying to
collaborate as much as possible with Alfresco Inc. I also believe that the
general opinion of the order is not to fork unless Alfresco changes its
mind. So, so far so good. Below some inline comments:

On 20 August 2014 11:57, Heiko Robert <heiko.orderofthebee.info at ecm4u.de>

> [...]

I worked for Oracle several years and I prefer a mission similar to DOAG (
> http://www.doag.org/en/ - the german oracle user group). This is a
> registered association and their members have different roles: expert
> members, members, professional members, employees, sponsors, ... Their
> events have an excellent reputation and Oracle is doing well to promote
> this oranisation.

That looks good, however, if I understand correctly, they work with the
Oracle products exactly as they are released by the company, right? they
don't work on customisations or new features? they just use it as it is?

> [...]
> * OOTB should be postioned as a independant, visible moderator and as an
> organisation of Alfresco Experts, Customers, Partners. Alfresco employess
> can contribute content, feedback, working time but should never have an
> active role or vote - otherwise it will never be independant.

Richard was explaining us that RedHat people also get to vote on CentOS
decisions, but their participation is limited, and that doesn't takes
independence away from CentOS. We still need to define voting of Alfresco
employees that are part of the order. It's going to be discussed in the GOV
(Governance) committee.

> * ECM and Alfresco is nothing just for fun. It would be great if we could
> combine this but we should present ourself as a professional organization
> which is also visible for the end users: the companies and the ISVs - but
> these companies don't care about t-shirts, drinking beer, they prefer
> solutions, expertise and skills - so the mission should have also an answer
> to this. This should be also reflected in the accessability of the
> organization (PR, internet presentation, official speaker, ...).

The Marketing committee should address this. However, we cannot remove the
fun of it. If working with Alfresco and the order is not fun any more, then
it won't be worth doing it.

> * OOTB could be an excellent platform to organize and moderate the
> requirement specs, creation, maintainance of missing features - no
> difference if it will be open or closed source, if the result will be for
> free or not. We have to be creative to find out working models which work
> long term.

I don't see how can we build a community around a closed source solution.
Can you elaborate on this?

> * I would prefer a better name which includes Alfresco in any way. OOTB is
> complicated, long and nobody sees a relation to Alfresco and the mission.
> The name could be a slogan but only insiders understand what is the story
> about. Transparency should be also a subject for the name - otherwise we
> will have allways the smell of geeks, nerds and complicated people.

Picking a name with Alfresco on it is problem for a couple of reasons:

- Alfresco Inc owns the name, and Alfresco marketing is very touchy about
someone else using the name, or the logo, especially if we are presenting
ourselves as an independent organization.

- If Alfresco changes its mind and we go for a fork, we will need to change
the name again. Hence, a name having Alfresco on it doesn't make us
independent of Alfresco Inc.

> I think a clear mission is very important and should be documented as a
> very first step to avoid misunderstandings, disappointment or
> misunderstandings

Absolutely true. I think your input is welcome in the governance and
marketing committees.


> Cheers
> Heiko
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