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On 19 August 2014 09:45, Jan Pfitzner <jan at alfrescian.com> wrote:

> Jeff, thanks for putting this together - From my point of view it's great!
> maybe, we need another 'Summit' committee that's responsible to plan
> activities for summit to enhance our visibility. That task can also be
> assigned to the marketing team.
> jan

As you said it, I believe that could be a task for the marketing team.
Anyway, in that concern we have already a task for DarkStar1. He is in
charge of finding a good pub for an order meeting at day 1 in London, after
the reception drink.


> 2014-08-19 5:16 GMT+02:00 Jeff Potts <jeffpotts01 at gmail.com>:
>> We have a lot of work to do. But we also have a lot of interested people
>> who are ready to help out, which is great!
>> This email is a proposed organizational model for the Order aimed at
>> making sure the people who are most passionate about a particular area are
>> able to dive in and move forward as quickly as possible while still
>> maintaining some level of visibility and oversight throughout the larger
>> group.
>> This is a proposal. It seems roughly-right to me. It can be fine-tuned
>> and made more formal over time if necessary. Hopefully it is good enough
>> for now. If not, say something.
>> *Establish Committees Aligned with Our Goals*
>> I propose that we organize committees aligned with our goals. Each
>> committee can select a committee chair. The committee chair keeps things on
>> track, delegates tasks, and reports progress to the community. How the
>> chair is selected is up to the committee. I suspect someone may volunteer.
>> If more than one person feels strongly that they should be chair, put it to
>> a vote (see "Voting", below).
>> I'll provide a list of proposed committees at the end.
>> *Committees Are Empowered to Get Stuff Done*
>> Committees are expected to act mostly autonomously to accomplish their
>> goals. Committee chairs can use their judgement as to what requires the
>> entire community to make a decision on and what the committee can move
>> forward with on their own.
>> The whole point of dividing into committees is to prevent overly-broad
>> discussion, single-threading, paralysis, or overwhelming a small number of
>> individuals.
>> *Voting*
>>  Committees are encouraged to get consensus amongst committee members
>> through discussion. Communication can take place using the public list or,
>> if the committee wants to, they can use a committee-specific list.
>> A committee may have major decisions that face the group that need to be
>> put to a vote. When a decision is put to a vote, I propose a 48-hour voting
>> period during which the committee members respond with +1, -1, or 0
>> (abstain). After 48-hours the person initiating the vote closes the vote
>> and announces the voting results.
>> Don't over-use voting. It's tedious and drags things out. Use it for
>> major decisions or decisions where there is a lot of discussion and
>> consensus appears to be murky or hard to achieve.
>> Example: The web site committee is thinking of changing the theme from
>> yellow to orange. After an email to the group, a few people are strongly in
>> favor and most don't reply at all within a reasonable amount of time. No
>> one appears to be strongly opposed. No vote is required. The committee
>> should push forward.
>> Example: The web site committee is thinking of eliminating an entire
>> section of the web site. A few people are strongly in favor. A few seem
>> opposed. The person proposing the idea sends an email with the subject of
>> "[VOTE] Let's remove section XX from the web site" and describes their
>> position in the body. Committee members have 48 hours to reply all with
>> their vote. At the end of 48 hours, the person initiating the vote sends a
>> second email with "[VOTE CLOSED] Let's remove section XX from the web site"
>> and in the body gives the vote count and whether or not it passed.
>> Exactly who gets to vote is still up-in-the-air. Perhaps we are still
>> small enough that whomever sees a vote take place and feels strongly enough
>> to vote can do so. The Governance committee should tackle this issue early.
>> *Initial Committees*
>> I suggest we keep the list of sub-committees to 6 or less initially,
>> aligned with the major goals of the Order.
>> I propose the following sub-committees to start:
>> - *Governance*. Draft a charter and some simple by-laws. Figure out
>> voting, member levels, vouching (business requirements), board election
>> procedures, etc.
>> - *Web Site*. Define an architecture, select tools, maintain the site.
>> Implement business requirements given to you by the other sub-committees.
>> For now, I think the Live Showcase idea should fall under Web Site.
>> - *Distribution*. Work on how the Order-specific distribution will work.
>> Establish standards, source code control, QA. Set milestones. Pick a name
>> (other than "OOTB Edition"). Do the work.
>> - *Add-Ons*. Determine the criteria for how Order-endorsed add-ons will
>> be selected. Work with the Distribution committee to determine which ones
>> will be part of the standard distribution. Engage developers to encourage
>> them to maintain their add-ons, follow best practices, etc. Could be
>> combined with Distribution.
>> - *Marketing*. Collect customer stories from those using CE and the
>> Order-specific distribution. Publish these stories on the web site and in
>> other channels. Try to get speaking slots at conferences. Find people to
>> donate marketing schwag. This committee should also be responsible for the
>> social accounts. Could be combined with the web site.
>> - *Professional Services Network*. Figure out how SI's should be listed
>> and what, if any, vetting the Order will do. Proactively seek out
>> individuals and companies who meet the criteria and get them added to the
>> list.
>> *Get On a Committee*
>> If you are hoping to do more for this cause than simply lurk, you need to
>> pick 1 and no more than 2 sub-committees, add yourself to the list, and get
>> to work.
>> Maybe people should just send an email to the list and say which
>> committee they want to focus on.
>> *Let's set a date*
>> Let's set a goal of having committees formed and committee chairs
>> selected by September 1. The committee chairs will start reporting progress
>> at the end of September and then monthly after that.
>> For now, at our size, let's have the committee chairs report status via
>> the public list. If there is a sensitive or confidential issue that needs
>> to be addressed, talk to a board member and we can handle it off-list.
>> *Thoughts?*
>> What do you think? Shall we give it a try? Any alternative suggestions or
>> improvements?
>> Jeff
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