[OOTB-hive] Member Criteria, Voting and Badges

Martin Cosgrave martin at ocretail.com
Thu Aug 14 16:45:22 BST 2014

Hi Bees

I have been buzzing around with aviriel and douglascrp in #orderofthebee 
- you really should join, it's lovely and sunny and there are lots of 
flowers to drink nectar from.

We were discussing what it means to be a member of the order, and what 
limits to set on membership.

Personally I feel like anyone who wants to be a member should be 
allowed. I think aviriel prefers some kind of minimum qualification.

We discussed using 'gamification' to differentiate members, in much the 
same way Stack Overflow does, by giving out qualifying badges. What 
badges do you think we could have. We discussed "founder bee" for the 
original members and "father bee" for Jeff Potts and possibly John 
Newton if he joined. What other ideas?

We also need to think about voting. Who can vote? And what are they 
voting for?

I'm going to bee lazy, and rather than summarise the conversation I'm 
just pasting it below for you to have a look at it.

Buzz buzz, and remember, you can't spell beer without "bee".


<aviriel> marsbard: douglascrp: what do you think about 
categorization/adding roles for the people?
<douglascrp> I think it's good
<douglascrp> but I have no experience on this "community" thing, so I 
don't know how to do that, or how it would be better organized
<aviriel> douglascrp: but do you know what role can you have in the Order?
<douglascrp> I like to read, a lot, so I think I could select and send 
texts I think would be useful
<marsbard> if roles are obvious and people are stepping up for them then 
no problem but I wouldn't force it, ppl may want to contribute without a 
specific role
<douglascrp> marsbard, I agree
<douglascrp> I could help on that and on addons tests and, again, 
<douglascrp> select and publish content, not creating it, but filtering it
<douglascrp> did you get what I tried to explain? lol
<marsbard> yes I think so
<aviriel> marsbard: yes, but if we have more than 30-40 people, we 
should understand who does what.
<douglascrp> I don't know if you have the bob's fast food there, but 
their employees have a kind of a "sign" on ther id cards, that tell what 
they do, or what they are trained to do
<marsbard> all I'm saying is that not everyone will have a role. of 
course some people will have defined roles
<aviriel> I afraid of a number of newbie freelancers who want to join 
the order just to say "I am a member of the Order, I can make any 
project". So I want to filter people on the stage of joining. For 
example by requirement "Show what did you do for the community"
<douglascrp> aviriel, got that, but I think that is another subject, 
right? who can become a member
<aviriel> yes, it is
<aviriel> I mix subjects
<douglascrp> and how about create different kind of members? members and 
"simple followers"?
<marsbard> I'm not sure that there is a 1:1 between members and 
freelancers, I think if it would be too complicated to have every 
freelancer as a full member that wanted to be in a directory
<marsbard> I guess I am echoing what douglascrp said

<aviriel> douglascrp: everyone wants to become a member. If we allow 
"members" and "followers" then everyone tries to do meet minimum 
requirements to become a member. And do nothing after that.
<aviriel> So I think that everyone can be a member and vote. But not 
everyone will participate in Order administration (internal activities). 
So if you write blog posts sometimes - you are a member. If you build 
OOTB edition or review add-ons to add them to Honeycomb, then you are a 
member of Board of the Order or what is the correct name of the Order 
<marsbard> these are interesting issues that we will need to think about
<aviriel> marsbard: and we should think about them quick
<marsbard> in which case, maybe we make everyone a member like you say, 
but getting into our freelance directory will require qualification
<marsbard> also we probably do need to have core admin as a separate group
<marsbard> if people want to join just to be part of the order, I think 
that's great
<marsbard> as they contribute maybe we can recognise them with badges
<aviriel> marsbard: yes, you got why I want to use badges
<marsbard> eg "10 blog posts" badge etc.
<marsbard> yeah I like it, like "gamifying"
<marsbard> I'm thinking like Stack Overflow (or other stack exchange sites)
<aviriel> after it we will need more complex website, not plain html
<marsbard> yes it could start getting difficult
<aviriel> people with 2-3 blog posts and 1 obsolete add-on are 
"community members", but we cannot say them "you cannot join the order" 
if we want to see them in the community in the future

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