[OOTB-hive] Order Membership, Voting and responsibilities

Martin Cosgrave martin at ocretail.com
Thu Aug 14 10:46:17 BST 2014

On 14/08/14 09:29, Oksana Kurysheva wrote:
> If I missed something, please add more points to the proposed petition 
> :) I created an #ootb channel in IRC to discuss points quicker. Or 
> should we create a hangout in Google for it? I believe we can form the 
> final text this week and start voting on Monday.

I believe that with freenode you can have the name of your organisation 
as your channel name if you are an open source software project, so we 
could have #orderofthebee without any problem, however, since ootb is 
not directly our name, and further that it can be confused with 'out of 
the box' (on purpose, but still...) then if we were to use it we'd need 
to use freenode's naming convention which would be to have a double hash 
on the channel name.

So either "#orderofthebee" or "##ootb" would be ok I think. I believe 
there's a process whereby a freenode team member can supervise the 
creation of new channels but I don't think it's necessary for "##ootb"

The advantage to the single-hash name is that we can then treat it as a 
namespace for further channels, for example "#orderofthebee-projects", etc.


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