[OOTB-hive] Order Membership, Voting and responsibilities

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I see your problem with the very first bullet point in the slide deck. They could have phrased it differently, say "even readier for production" - but that would just be awkward. Dropping it would have missed the point of the slide deck: promotion of Enterprise sales.

Big problem here is that everyone interprets "production" in their own way and no matter how you / we / Alfresco phrase any statement, it will undoubtedly bear potential for conflict. I personally would make the distinction along the lines of "ready for production in general" and "ready for (mission)-critical production" / "high load production".

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On 08/14/2014 11:06 AM, Axel Faust wrote:
> I the current statement on the web page sums up the purpose very well (http://orderofthebee.org/#activities). Basically it is a re-packaging of Alfresco Community including typically relevant addons, administration tools (scripts), demo material (content models / configuration) and aggregated quality patches for known issues - an improved starting point for people new to Alfresco that should eliminate a lot of early frustration / reduce the starting effort.

Missed that one, Axel  and Oksana. Thanks for pointing it out.

> Concerning statement about non EE in production: I think this will already be covered by forming the list of success stories which I expect will include quite a bit of production-grade CE use. I don't know if we need a more obvious notice about it - if Alfresco CE wasn't ready for production use in general, I doubt any community would have formed / remained active at all...

Somehow this does not reallly feel compatible with
(where I got referred two a few days ago) for me.


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