[OOTB-hive] Order Membership, Voting and responsibilities

Oksana Kurysheva okurysheva at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 08:29:54 BST 2014

Dear bees,

We have already 37 followers in Twitter and several request to join. As far
as we haven't organized internal chat yet, I want to share with you my
thoughts about the membership and the structure of the Order. The idea is
as follows:

Alfresco Community unites all people who use, configure, develop Alfresco.
You can invest back to the community or still bring something from it. You
are still a part of it.

Order of the Bee members should unite people who invest a lot to the
community. Some ways to invest:
- publishing tutorials and blog posts about using Alfresco community
- developing and maintaining free open source add-ons
- helping people in IRC, on forums and StackOverflow
We also have several specific ways to invest:
- helping with OOTB website support
- searching, reviewing and publishing add-ons, companies and success stories
- OOTB edition development
- supporting Alfresco instances for testing and demo purposes
- working with new members, inviting new members etc
- support marketing channels: publishing news about new add-ons and
tutorials to our social channels

So we can categorize members and give badges to everyone depend on what is
he or she doing. Alfresco employees can join the Order if they do something
for the community as their non-primary job responsibility. Maintaining
extensions in Share Extras and writing tutorials (like Share development
series by Dave Draper) can be considered as investment to the community.

Now we have an issue: a lot of "members" ignore messages in the mailing
list. I don't know do they read them and keep silent, or do they not read
messages at all. Such categorization helps to assign responsibilities. If
you are a member and you have a badge of "Bee-author of articles", then be
so kind to write at least 2-3 articles/tutorials in a year. If there is a
join request, then one of those, who are responsible for new members,
should check meeting formal criterias and approve or reject the request. If
someone has a comment about OOTB edition development, it should be sent to
the OOTB edition development team.

Also a point about voting:

All important decisions should be made by members of Order. Author of the
petition should send the proposed solution to the mailing list. Members
should vote by replying to the message. The results should be summarized in
a week or another time that author of the petition suggested. 50% (or 60?)
of the votes should be "In favor" to approve the petition. If someone
didn't vote in the allotted time, his or her opinion is not taken into
consideration. To review the decision made on the voting the new voting can
be started.

We can form a first "petition" from the points above after edits from your
side. If you like the idea, then we may summarize a list of categories and
first members of these categories, write these points in more clear and
formal English language, publish them on the websites as our structure and
governance roles.

If I missed something, please add more points to the proposed petition :) I
created an #ootb channel in IRC to discuss points quicker. Or should we
create a hangout in Google for it? I believe we can form the final text
this week and start voting on Monday.

Sincerely yours,
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