[OOTB-addons] status of AAAR addon

Martin Cosgrave martin at ocretail.com
Thu May 28 21:50:22 BST 2015

Hi Francesco

Just to let you know that Daren and I have evaluated your plugin for 
this release, and mostly due to the fact that it requires a separate 
server, and we want to get 1.0 out soon, we decided to push it to 1.1. 
No scheduled date for that yet. In fact we need to work out a generic 
way of getting services on other servers into the build, so we can 
support external solr as well as pentaho, but that's another story :-)

Daren had a UI issue after adding AAAR, for him it is consistent between 
different installs, but I didn't see it myself, you can see here: 

One final thing, the AAAR menu is quite prominent in the top menu; if we 
are planning to incorporate many different 'best of breed' plugins in 
our honeycomb edition it will be important not to give undue screen real 
estate to any individual unless absolutely necessary. Would it be 
difficult for you to make that UI element optional?

I hadn't really thought about the UI until this point but in fact we 
really need to tie all the honeycomb addons into a unified menu of some 
sort. If you have any thoughts on this let me know (basically needs to 
be extensible for new addons in a simple way).

Just realised there are some themes here that could do with wider 
discussion so copying in ootb-distro@ and ootb-addons@


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