[OOTB-addons] status of AAAR addon

Martin Cosgrave martin at ocretail.com
Mon Jun 1 16:55:02 BST 2015

The timing would be good Axel, we are just getting honeycomb 1.0 out the 
door (in time for 1 year anniversary of OOTB!) and we have pushed AAAR 
to 1.1.

Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on having some kind of UI 
requirements, possibly that OOTB addons *in honeycomb* could have some 
way to add their UI into an 'order of the bee' menu or something. I 
guess it's more for the distro guys really but you probably have some 
technical insight

On 01/06/15 11:22, Axel Faust wrote:
> Hello Francesco, Martin,
> As a small side note: I am prioritizing AAAR for my next review in the 
> ADDON group. I may not be able to start it until at least mid-June 
> though due to personal time/project constraints, but it’ll be my next 
> one. It would also be the first addon in the “probably a bit more 
> complex than usual” category.
> Regards
> Axel
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> Hi Martin,
> Sorry for the late reply but I was out for a couple of days.
> It's the first time I hear about problem about the layout (the menu 
> item is very simple).
> I'll work on it to understand and support for the solution.
> I understand (and agree on) that the plugin should not have an impact 
> on the layout so I could suggest also different paths: why not a AAAR 
> dashlet instead of a menu item?
> In any case I'm available for other solutions and integrations.
> Cheers,
> -F
> 2015-05-28 22:50 GMT+02:00 Martin Cosgrave <martin at ocretail.com 
> <mailto:martin at ocretail.com>>:
> Hi Francesco
> Just to let you know that Daren and I have evaluated your plugin for 
> this release, and mostly due to the fact that it requires a separate 
> server, and we want to get 1.0 out soon, we decided to push it to 1.1. 
> No scheduled date for that yet. In fact we need to work out a generic 
> way of getting services on other servers into the build, so we can 
> support external solr as well as pentaho, but that's another story :-)
> Daren had a UI issue after adding AAAR, for him it is consistent 
> between different installs, but I didn't see it myself, you can see 
> here: https://github.com/marsbard/puppet-alfresco/issues/59
> One final thing, the AAAR menu is quite prominent in the top menu; if 
> we are planning to incorporate many different 'best of breed' plugins 
> in our honeycomb edition it will be important not to give undue screen 
> real estate to any individual unless absolutely necessary. Would it be 
> difficult for you to make that UI element optional?
> I hadn't really thought about the UI until this point but in fact we 
> really need to tie all the honeycomb addons into a unified menu of 
> some sort. If you have any thoughts on this let me know (basically 
> needs to be extensible for new addons in a simple way).
> Just realised there are some themes here that could do with wider 
> discussion so copying in ootb-distro@ and ootb-addons@
> Martin

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