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Angel Borroy angel.borroy at keensoft.es
Mon Feb 23 13:12:58 GMT 2015


I’ve been talking last weeks with Douglas about Electronic Signature in Alfresco and I’ve realized that there are few information about it. 

I’m planning to study this topic starting with Alfresco addons in order to provide some deeper information to Alfresco Community. These are my first thoughts on it.

 	 X509 Certitificate (Client) | X509 Certificate (Server) | Handwritten | External service | License
[1]                                                                X                X           Propietary
[2]            X                                                                                GPL
[3]            X                                                                                Propietary
[4]                                                                X                X           GPL
[5]            X                                                                                Propietary
[6]            X                                                                                GPL
[7]                                          X                                                  CC
[8]            X                                                   X                            Propietary
[9]                                          X                                                  Public domain
[10]           X                                                   X                X           AGPL
[11]                                         X                     X                X           Propietary
[12]                                         X                     X                            AGPL 

[1] SKYTIZENS Advanced Electronic Signature

[2] Sinadura PDF digital signature client for Alfresco ECM

[3] Queres Digital Signature Alfresco Share

[4] GroupDocs Signature

[5] Digital Signature via applet for Alfresco Share

[6] Alfresco Share electronic signature (using Applet)

[7] Digital signing

[8] Online PDF Signer

[9] Add Digital Signatures to pdf files

[10] .be eID Sign (RedTree)

[11] DocuSign Connector for Alfresco

[12] CounterSign for Alfresco

Moreover, http://www.arx.com/products/cosign-connections/alfresco/ it’s another electronic signature Alfresco addon that is not listed at addons.alfresco.com Do you know any other out there?

I’m thinking of explaining the impact of every column title (X509Certificate (Client)…) in every zone (EU, USA, LATAM…) and going deeper (signature formats, verification, tsa, lta…) in order to provide a detailed map on how is Alfresco today in relation with electronic signature technologies. 

Do you think this is a useful information? Should I continue developing it?

Thanks in advance,

Angel Borroy

email:   angel.borroy at keensoft.es
web:     http://www.keensoft.es
móvil:  +34 655 47 47 55


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